How to Make Your Dog Smell Better

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The “your house smells like a dog” line is the fear of every dog owner out there. Follow these five easy steps to keep your four legged friend smelling fresh and keeping your nostrils happy as well!



  1. Bathing you Dog: Obvious, but this is the most important step. I suggest bathing a minimum of once a week, sometimes more during the summer months when your little fur ball is feeling the heat.
  2. Grooming your Dog: In particular we need to focus on cleaning our dog’s ears, teeth and combing their fur. Your pup will appreciate the TLC!
  3. Reduce Flatulence: While always good for a laugh, a dog that is farting constantly can be an annoyance and also gross! First thing to look at is her diet.
  4. Dealing with Anal Glands: This is best handled by your vet, who can empty the glands and keep your dog smelling fresh from behind.
  5. Clean your Dog’s Bedding: At least once a month, and make sure you buy only machine washable products.

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